Lapis Lazuli Set

Positive Meniscal Set:

Featured here is Lapis Lazuli Heart Pendant and Round Earrings.
Positive Meniscal* Personal Wearables have a distinct design - convex obverse and concave reverse surface. Ethically hand or machine shaped, this fascinating curved design renders the stone fairly translucent as its thickness is reduced to between 1.5 and 3.0 mm.
Larger pendants of 50-75 mm diameter weigh around 20gms and are convenient to wear everyday. In comparison, bulky conventional cabochons weigh usually 10 times more. Pendants are available in round, oval, navette, square, rectangle, heart and hamsa profiles.
*In optics, positive meniscus is defined as a profile with one convex surface and one concave surface that serves as a converging lens. Since opposites attract, positive sides attract negative sides.


1. Dimensions are indicative and approximate.
2. Applicable only to Positive Meniscal Personal Wearables and Bespoke Bowls: Diameter Tolerance: ±3mm; Thickness Tolerance: ±3mm; Centration Error: < 3 arc minutes
3. Colors reproduced here are screen/print simulations and may not match the natural vibrancy and lustre. Colors on display here vary due to digital imaging devices & printing processes.
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